Your Social Media Manifesto—Become a Celebrity

If people don’t know you, they can’t flow you. If I don’t know you, I’m not going to go to your Twitter handle, your Facebook wall, or your YouTube channel. This is your biggest problem in social selling—”I don’t know you.” If you ask me what my favorite social media platform is, you do not understand social media. If you have a favorite, you’re confused. What is the favorite? The favorite is where your customer is and your customer is everywhere.

My philosophy in my office is to beat the mediums up until somebody from Twitter calls me and says, “Enough. You are done. You cannot use Twitter anymore.” That’s what we’re trying to do. What’s enough? Enough on each medium is when your friends start to delete you. Your target should be to get your friends and your family, your cousins, your uncles, your aunts—those people that never buy anything from you—your goal should be to get them to say, “I don’t want to see another post.”

You:Have you deleted me yet?

Friend:Oh yeah, I deleted you. I just couldn’t take anymore.

You:Good. It’s not for you anyway.

So you need to beat the medium up. Twitter is not going to call you. Facebook is not going to call you. YouTube is not going to stop you. Your friends and your family are good indicators. They’re like, “What are you doing?”

I’ve got employees that have blocked me. I know, I guarantee I’ve got employees here that have blocked me. They’re like, “I can’t even look at this information. I work for him eight hours. I don’t want to watch him for another 16 hours.”

So is that too much? You guys want to make money on social media? Do you want to get known on social media? Or you want to go back to advertising on TV and radio and billboards? I’d do those too if they worked.

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What’s frequent enough? You need to look at what kind of numbers are happening right now. Beat the medium until your friends quit you, that’s what I say. You’re like, “Oh man, I could never be Grant Cardone. I can’t act like that. I can’t act all arrogant and swaggy.”

Look, then I don’t even know you exist. We’re back to your biggest mistake which is obscurity.

This is why you must become a celebrity. 

To build and sell socially, number one, you have to promote like a celebrity. You’ve got to start operating like you’re the expert celebrity. You’ve got to call the paparazzi, like Kanye says, “I called the paparazzi on myself.” When I heard that song, I’m like, “What’s that mean, man? Oh man, I can’t… paparazzi is not following me.”

So, I actually made the decision years ago, that I was going to manufacture “Grant Cardone as a celebrity and I was going to use every medium possible so the paparazzi would follow me so that I get photos and make news. And if I have to create that by calling the paparazzi on myself—thank you Kanye—then I will. I’ve got great products. I’ve got a great company. I take care of people. Why not me?

Who have the bestselling books on planet earth right now? They all have TV shows. They’re in the media. People are watching them. That’s who sells books. That’s why you need to become a celebrity.

All celebrities have caricatures. Not saying you need one but I want you to start with a photo, put it on the whiteboard, and I want you to label this “Manufacture Celebrity”.

After you know your caricature, here are 4 things to do:

1) Get Your Fishing Lines Out—You need to identify all possible lines available to you. How many social media channels can you be on consistently? Make a picture of it like I did above so you can visualize it.

2) Build Distinct Messages for Each Line—No two channels should be the same.

3) Jam Content—Jam content onto those lines until that line becomes wide. Push content on each line every day.

4) Use the 80/20 Rule—I generally use the 80-20 rule. The 80-20 rule is this—you drop content and give, give, give 80% of the time. 20% of the time you sell.

The bottom line is if you don’t have time to promote yourself, nobody is going to know you. When nobody knows you, nobody flows you. Promote like a celebrity. What do celebrities do? They are calling the paparazzi! They are getting massive attention!

Look, to take your social selling to another level, to start getting the prices you deserve, the quantities you deserve, to get the attention, the notoriety, to get the celebrity that you deserve, you need to commit at a whole new level. Love me or hate me, you know me.

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Get started writing articles, tweeting, and using video to disseminate, (not advertise) information that is useful and do it in a way that is entertaining. Close out by engaging in traditional efforts like TV and radio to bring even more credibility and life to your ventures and causes.

The first thing I did was to get my websites up so that people would have a place to come to find out about me and my company. This should be considered the passive creation of your presence. I then created multiple websites centered around me, my products, my services, my area of expertise and any other endeavors or achievements associated with those sites in order to increase my footprint.

The next steps require the entrepreneurial think and actions where you will take every social media site available; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others and use them to gather people that are interested in your products and services by building fans and followers. The way to do this is to give your audience information that they find valuable and useful. Social media is like creating a place for people to gather. People want to be entertained, feel good, be right, make good decisions, know things others don’t, stay connected, make money, save money, and hear the latest gossip.

Now you are going to combine social networking with blogging, where you write informative articles for like-minded websites that have similar interests and also launch as much informational video/visual content as you can on YouTube. Obscurity is your problem on the internet. This combination of active efforts will create your footprint on the Internet universe and the more creative, consistent and relentless you are, the greater your presence will be and the more attention you will get.

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