Related episode: Young Hustlers – Your Network is Your Net Worth

  • Immediate Family
  • Friends
  • Extended Family
  • Co-Workers
  • Social Media connections
  • What you are reading
  • What you are listening to

I don’t go to ‘work’. I go to my netWORK to get my Net Worth. I am an everyday regular guy but I’ve been looking at my net worth since I was 16 years old. What I wish I knew then was that I had to increase my network to increase my Net Worth. It’s not just about the hustle. You have to have a strategy, a target to your hustle.

Here are 3 things to do to improve your network and your net worth

1. Social Media Matters: Who you spend your time with on social media is a part of your network. You need to seek out the people you want to connect with. You can connect with me by listening to the Cardone Zone, watching my Periscopes, following me on Twitter and more. You don’t have to know someone personally to get in their network.

I can be in your network without knowing you in today’s world thanks to technology and social media.

2. Don’t Take What’s There: The bad news about social media is that anyone can broadcast anything. You walk into any information restaurant today, what will you select? The menu is large. Can you imagine going into a restaurant and telling them “give me whatever you’ve got”? You can connect with anybody you want to in life, but don’t settle for the grilled cheese when you can get the steak or lobster tail—or both. Are you just taking whatever comes to you? There is so much garbage out there. Choose wisely.

3. Get Specific: Pick 3 or 4 people to get information from. If you go to CNN and search “oil” you’ll get 3 articles that say don’t buy oil and 3 that say buy oil. Who will you trust? Never before has it been easier to create whatever network you choose and never has it been easier to have your network contaminated. With so many social reaches through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and endless articles, waves, and webinars it is vital that you control your network to control your net worth.

I don’t listen to quitters, settlers, garbage, negativity, or bad news. I can’t, and you shouldn’t. You don’t need it.

Keep away from anyone that doesn’t have what you want to be a part of your network. You MUST control who you get information from, who you listen to and who you allow in. Use social media to expand your network and your net worth.

Hope that helps,