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In sales, there are two types of follow-up you need to know—pre-sale and post-sale. No matter which type it is, most people underestimate how much energy and effort it takes to win a sale, to get attention, and to get in front of people. You don’t get a six pack by going to the gym occasionally. It takes consistency and persistence. Following up will get an initial conversation going with someone, grab their attention, and eventually secure an appointment. Here are some great follow up tips you can start using immediately to increase your revenue:

1. Texting During Engagement:

Whether a customer is with me or on the phone with me I want to text them during the engagement. Not after, but during. Pushing a text to their cell will increase your transaction conversions by 40 times. Use the phone to push data and “Information Overload”, which is giving them more information than they’ve asked for. You can also text choices in inventory. If he is looking at watches, show him a model down and a big boy watch above his price point. Use data that you want to be discarded. For example, you send the green version of the product and they say they’ll never get the green one, then you get more clear about what they do want.

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2. Immediate Texting:

I can improve your chances by 100X if all you do is text again within 30 minutes after leaving the customer. Do you understand this? Texting within 30 minutes improves chances of closing by 100 times. In addition, the odds of qualifying the lead within 30 minutes improves by 21 times.

3. Management Call:

Have someone within your organization make a call within 30 minutes of your contact, even if you’ve done the texting. The odds of contacting a lead after the first hour deteriorate by 10X. Don’t think you are overwhelming the customer or “acting desperate”. Your chances of ever getting this customer to buy go down 10X if you don’t do this.

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4. The Five “No” Strategy:

72% of all companies never ask for the order the first time. 65% of all companies never nurture a lead. 80% of all your transactions are going to take place between the 5th follow-up and the 12th. What does that tell you? 80% of people will tell you no the first 4 times you ask. You can stack the odds in your favor by looking for the five “no’s” so you’ll know you are getting close to the destination—the yes. Businesses with five “No” strategies will always enjoy higher conversion rates than their competitors who have no strategy. Who’s asking for the no? Who’s tracking the no? If you don’t know who’s asking and who’s tracking, trust me—nobody is asking and nobody is tracking.

Get your follow-up game tight.

Be persistent because even if you are bad with it, eventually you’ll get something by pure persistence. Be creative while persisting because you are a pest if you aren’t creative—no one buys from pests. Bring something new to each interaction, and get on my live webcast Mastering Objections to learn how to handle the objections you’ll get in your follow up.

Be great,

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is an American entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, motivator and online sales training expert. Cardone is a respected, highly regarded master salesperson whose passion is to teach people how to sell themselves, their products and services regardless of economic climate. His books, audio packages and seminars provide people of all professional backgrounds with the practical tools necessary to build their own economies towards the path to true freedom.

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