Your income potential is infinite. Here’s why…

Freedom is the power to act, speak, and think as you want without hindrance or restraint. Freedom and finances are connected. To get freedom you must focus on income above saving or investing. You can’t save or invest if you don’t get your income right.

  • Income—Money coming in
  • Expense—Money going out
  • Cash—Money left over

What you can raise or lower the most is what you should have your attention on. You can only lower expenses so much. That’s why your attention should always be on income.

Don’t spend your time on the finite number (expenses) when you should be focused on the infinite number (income). Quit focusing on the little bit you have and focus on what is actually available.

4th of July is coming but most people aren’t free—you need to have so much income you don’t need a budget.

Be great this weekend,


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