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Tammy Kling was a Crisis Team Leader for a major airline in Corporate America. She was the one who told families that their loved ones hadn’t survived plane crashes. It was a harsh job. She had a crossroads moment in a jungle in Latin America where they had lost an airplane and everyone on the flight except for four people. She felt discontent in her position. She had enjoyed her corporate career , but she realized the seasons had changed.

Today, she writes books and coaches others to write their legacy by encouraging them towards writing their life stories. She also writes corporate books about life-changing companies and practices.

You can get unstuck. You don’t have to settle into a job you hate or dislike and just stay there. It starts with your core strengths, the passions that are within you. In order to find your dream job, you must tap into the passions that most likely showed up as early in your life as elementary school. Using your strengths will energize you.

The magic key to finding your dream job is further cemented by the life experiences that you’ve lived through. Finally, you must silence the noise of the world to hear your inner voice and truly find your calling.

Tammy’s father committed suicide when she was 8. Through this experience, she developed a just-do-it-while-you-can attitude. She encourages others to be “Impactrapeuers,” to impact others through their journeys and their stories.

“Anything is possible,” she says. “The thing that is important is to realize that anyting is possible. Often we create our own limits. Remove the chains that bind you.”

One of her most interesting books has been about helping Don of Feeding Children Anywhere . Don was a hungry himself as a child. He now feeds 12 million children annually.

Tammy leaves the audience with 2 pieces of advice:
“Just do it. Don’t think about the roadblocks. We can be unstoppable. And two, have an attitude that you will work your dream job and make an impact on the world as well. “

Make a dream journal. Write adjectives and key words that will help you start to visualize the job of your dreams. You can achieve it. You can make it happen.
Watch Tammy Klings’ interview on 3DaystoaRaise with Bethany Williams on the Whatever It Takes Network:

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