Individuals should be treated and conduct themselves like a business within the business, with the intent of creating their own economies that run because of their own production. Increase your value to the business and its clients in the marketplace and you will never lose your job.

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When I hear that someone has lost his or her job of 20 years with a company that didn’t close its doors, well, that person must realize that someone made a decision to let go of him or her instead of someone else. You have to make sure that you present yourself as one of the irreplaceable members of your company.

During my first job out of college, middle management attempted to fire me on at least six occasions because—as they so eloquently stated—“Grant is difficult to manage and causes problems.” Yet each time, upper management overturned middle management’s decision because I was doing such a good job of marketing to my customers and selling the company’s products.

Nothing will provide you with more protection than the ability to generate revenue—something that’s done by taking massive action, effectively marketing, staying in front of customers, and getting the job done! Aggressively and effectively learn to market yourself, or you will experience downturns in your business—even during thriving economic conditions. It is a misconception today among salespeople and employees that the company should do the advertising and marketing and those who work there should just collect paychecks.

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Your career’s future should never be left up to a manager, the company, or the economy; it must always depend on your ability to get into the marketplace, effectively promote yourself, establish and cultivate relationships, inform people of who you are and what you do, and then turn those contacts into contracts.

It’s about investing energy to make yourself known and valuable throughout the market.

Do that, and you will never be without work or money.

Be great,

Grant Cardone