You are running for president—president of your industry and marketplace. So what if it’s not a public office recognized by other countries? It’s a private office over which you have 100% authority and no one else to blame. There’s no congress or senate to appease. You are in complete control of your economy, and your approval rating is not an issue.

There’s no media attacking your every move. You get your way in any situation, and you alone determine the conditions of your universe. As president, the personal visits you make to the people with whom you have done business before will ensure the health, solvency, and success of your administration.

The president of the United States does not become the president without making personal visits, shaking hands with those he doesn’t know, and kissing lots of babies. He or she is required to reach out—welcomed or not—and make contact at his or her own personal risk. Any successful politician will tell you that neither money nor speeches can replace reaching out personally and making contact with people.

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Personal visits are the single most powerful method by which you will ever make contact with a client and are guaranteed to advance your position in the marketplace. It would take 10 phone calls to equal the outcome of one personal visit. I built my seminar and speaking business under the assumption that making personal visits to clients—who did not even know me—is the best way to grow a company.

When I was building my first business, there were instances— frequent ones, in fact—when I simply wasn’t able to get an appointment to see someone. So I opted to make personal “cold” visits to make myself known. It was the scariest thing I have ever done, but because I wasn’t known and had no capital for advertising, it was the only way I could introduce myself and my company to those with whom I wanted to do business.

Establishing personal contacts is an incredibly demanding action. It takes lots of guts, but it will help you develop skills that you won’t be able to hone unless you repeat them over and over again. Master this skill and you will be able to care for yourself and your family and build a business anywhere.

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You need to promote your business like Donald Trump. Personal contact is both the most effective and most feared kind of all sales calls. It is also the fastest way to separate yourself from your competition. Make one personal visit a day for the next 21 days—and watch your life and business become revitalized.

There is no downside to a visit. No one will throw you out, no one will ridicule you, and no one is going to call the police on you. The upside is that you may get lucky and run into someone who actually needs what you have, which will allow you to enter into a presentation, a proposal, and a sale.

I hope this helps.

Your friend in business & sales,

Grant Cardone