You Are Entitled to Nothing.

You must earn everything you get in life. You are entitled to nothing. Are you ready to flip your switch, ignite your fire and move towards your dreams?

I want to give you some motivational mojo today and inspire you to shoot for the extraordinary and never ever settle. You want to blast through any barriers and achieve your dreams, right? In order to make anything extraordinary happen, you can’t be average. You need to become obsessed with hitting your goals and making big things happen in your life.

Here are some tips to get you going:

1. Write a Daily Battle Plan—You need a daily to-do list. I’m talking about the wood you have to chop, the calls you have to make, the appointments you must have. Every day you go into battle, you aren’t going to work on a schedule and just do a job. Go out into the marketplace to prosper. It’s eat what you kill. Let everyone else just show up, just work, or just do their job. You go to battle.

2. Identify What You Are Passionate About—Each person has something that is unique. What you’re passionate about today might change in the future. What you’re passionate about may do nothing for me, and vice versa, but you need to identify the things that get you jacked. Make a list. Too many people on this planet are just taking whatever comes their way. They’ve given up on what excited them. Kids do the things that get them excited and that’s what we need to do as adults.

Everything you’ve ever accomplished started with a ‘first time.’

3. Picture What You Want at the End of the Deal—Look to the end of the deal first, not last. I want a million users on my program—that’s what I set first, not how I’m going to get 1 user today. If I get a million what happens? Who do I need to talk to? I look at the end of the deal before I look at the mechanics of the deal. Try this. Picture what you get at the end of the deal. All professional athletes and extremely successful people talk about seeing something in the future, what they wanted before they went out and got it. What do you want?

I didn’t get into sales because I liked it. I got into it to survive.

4. Stay So Busy You Are Running Everywhere You Go—Keep your days so stacked you don’t have any white space between activities. White space, doing nothing, and having too much time between events is killing you. You lose your motivation. Too many people stop and take a break when they win. Now is the time to run to the next thing and use the energy from the last win. Too much not being busy is a problem. You aren’t going to burn out. People don’t burn out going from activity to activity, they burn out when they don’t have enough going on and they lose their focus.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can literally do 100 things to stay motivated, increase your production, and go faster toward your big dreams. If you aren’t motivated, you lack purpose. Find your purpose and let yourself become obsessed with it—you will find your motivation.

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Be great,


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