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Work With Top 1% Of Software Developers – Tim Clark

In this Show

  • When Nikos started, one-man show
  • Grant Cardone, in his best selling book Be Obsessed or Be Average. Chapter 10, Build and Obsessed Team, page 101
    • Early mindset of stay small, keep expenses low, run a tight ship
    • “Great employees are vital to your survival.” GC
    • Always be hiring
    • Do the interviews myself
    • I am looking for people who want to make money and make a difference
  • At Nikos, we recruit and hire the top 1% on all s/w developers in the world.
  • All developers are certified or in the process of being certified in Amazon Web Services, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Mobile Apps
  • Dedicated to training daily on the latest technologies
  • We are always hiring
  • To learn more and to get started, call me at 904-400-0846, or go to