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How Women and Men Communicate

In this Show

Grant and Elena Cardone discuss how men women communicate and how both sexes can improve.

G & E are busy working to design and decorate their new home. It leads to frustration and communication mishaps with the workers doing the job. Elena feels Grant’s communication was harsh and Grant feels Elena is too soft. Can they agree on a communication style that is just right?

Grant asks if people think men and women communicate differently from one another and callers weigh in. Grant points out that there are women who offer too many details –a more feminine communication style. He also acknowledges there are other women who are bottom liners and communicate more like men. Grant also encourages women not to begin requests with “can you” and instead, just make the request. “Please turn off the lights, thanks.”

The banter between Grant and Elena is hilarious as they offer the following Communication Tips for Men and Women.

1. Quit blaming the receiver.
2. Get their attention.
3. Consider what else they have going on.
4. Sell the story and close.

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