The Woman Behind The Man

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What does a successful man look like, and what does a successful woman behind the man look like? A successful man will be hardworking, ethical, courageous, powerful, and ambitious. What’s behind a powerful woman that’s behind that man? A person willing to put someone else first. Understand you are a team and understand the role you play. To have confidence in yourself, no matter your role, is power. Look at the big picture and step outside of yourself. Powerful women flow power to their man. The truth is real men want a powerful woman. Powerful women aren’t needy, but they aren’t independent either. A powerful woman is a balance of being independent but also enjoys being taken care of. A powerful woman disciplines herself and is in the relationship for the greater good. How do you define a powerful woman?

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  • Rui Marques

    Your work is a mixture of Communicator + Org Officer + President.. you make everything run smoothly.

    Even a Purple Lamborghini needs the right mojo to run at his best 🙂

  • Tiffany Walker

    This was great!!!! I got so much from Elena!!! I’m so glad and thankful that Elena decided to do this show today solo. Maybe Elena should have some more shows solo!!! Great Show!!!