with Robert Syslo Jr – Week of April 11th 2016

Incredible week this week Eric Thomas was in house for PowerPlayers with Grant as well as we got to go in behind the scenes at Grants home in Regalia to watch these guys do what was undoubtedly a fascinating periscope live feed. You can see these videos on Grant Cardone TV.

Whatever it Takes Episode 2 aired on Friday night at 10PM if you have not seen this one yet check it out, incredible marketing pitch to the Forge here in Miami about selling advertising. With over 10,000 hours viewed these two episodes are epic you can subscribe at grantcardonetv.com/whateverittakes

Dre all day baldwin dropped yet another interesting show about You might be educated – college degree, reading a lot of books, hanging with smart people – but that doesn’t mean you know everything! Dre Baldwin explains how you can fall into this trap, and how to keep your mind open to what you STILL don’t know.
This past Friday Grant Cardone rocked the house with a Cardone Zone that aired about getting rich, proclaim to the world I’m getting rich, hey thats what I’m doing and its working. In this episode catch up on the steps to move your frame of mind into the wealth mindset, the right steps to take and how to achieve the dream of being rich.

Jarrod and Grant sat down on young hustlers to discuss why your missing your quota with these 7 reasons:
1. Not enough people—you have 50 people but you need 150.
2.Disengaged people—they don’t go for leads that are right in front of them.
3.No accountability—show me the numbers. Nobody gets audited.
4.Mistakes—you can’t be screwing up basic things.
5.No daily training—the sword must be sharpened each day to stay on pace.
6.Unable to handle customer obstacles—how can one close without closes?
7.Being allowed to settle—

We have developed a new series on Grant Cardone TV if you love the water pitch on Whatever it Takes and you think you can do it better, send us a 60 second video via youtube to pitch@grantcardonetv.com and we’ll evaluate your pitch for you, they will be posted live and if you win you’ll receive $1000 cash for the best pitch.

Lee Haight from Sky Diamonds TV did a power players this week about how to go out knock on doors and get your business right. This episode will be airing next week.

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