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Grant Cardone and Will Weinraub

In this Show

On Power Players Grant Cardone talks with people in power who are generous enough to share their success with other people. Will Weinraub is a 29-year old CEO and founder of, which is a platform that allows people to earn money sharing their insights with others.

He was born and raised in Miami Beach and got into tech by accident at the age of 13. During the age of AOL, CompuServe and Prodigy they had topic-based chat rooms. He was really into professional wrestling and someone in a chat room said they will give someone $100 to build a website for them.

He accepted the gig with no idea how to build a website. He took the $100 he received in the mail, went to the bookstore, and bought HTML for Dummies. Over the weekend he copied code segments from the book and the client loved the final product.

After that he went back into the chat room and asked if anyone would like a wrestling fan site for $100 and four more people hired him. He expanded out to other demographics such as Brittney Spears and hip-hop and was soon making thousands per month as a 13-year old.

His takeaway is, “You don’t have the skills now to meet the demand, you just have to want to strive to meet the demand.”

Grant adds, “Commit to more.”

Will agrees, “JFDI – Just Fucking Do It.”

Watch the full episode to hear all of the amazing insight from Will Weinraub’s journey as an entrepreneur.

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