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Natural disasters can have disastrous consequences even when your business is a distance from affected regions. It’s possible that some employees, business partners, or clients live in the affected areas.

With disaster recovery strategies, the most important item on your check box must be the ability to always communicate with your clients, business partners, and vendors.

The main reasons you should prioritize your communication is because in the time of a disaster your business must still handle the day to day operations with an overwhelmed, understaffed and disorganized employees.

The lack of a reliable communication solution will create chaos and confusion among departments and management. It makes disaster recovery efforts costly and ineffective.

The following is a basic disaster recovery checklist for your business phone system.


  1. Does your business phone have a system to handle larger call volumes?
  2. Does your business phone have business continuity and smart features that can detect an outage and redirect calls?
  3. Can you swiftly change your call tree remotely to re organize traffic?
  4. Can your business phone system provide metrics that help you measure call volume?
  5. Does your business phone work from any device, freeing you from the chains of a traditional desk phone?
  6. Is your business phone system simple enough to be reconfigured by any employee without any expensive or time-consuming training?
  7. Can your business show the availability of your employees without requiring you to call them or text?
  8. Is your business phone secure from cyber threats?
  9. Does your business have a virtual receptionist/ auto attendant feature to direct and provide information for your customers?
  10. Does your business have a paging feature for emergency announcements?


If your answer to any of the above questions is “No”, you should seriously consider upgrading your business phone now.

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