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Will Buying a Home Make You Happy – Grant Rant

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Hey, Grant Cardone, New York Times Best Selling Author and your friend in sales and in business. I want to talk to you about buying a home. I live in Miami Beach now and this housing market in Miami Beach is the most overheated, greediest, I am talking greed like I have never seen in my entire life. There is so much greed in the Miami housing market that people should be arrested right now I’m talking about people that are trying to sell their homes. These prices are crazy and I am actually tempted, my wife is tempting me to buy a house. The reason I want to share this rant with you right now is… I find how compelling it is to think about buying my own home, fixing my own home. For the last year and a half we have rented. We have been happy renting. But we started looking at houses and we get seduced into the idea of fixing our house up, how happy we’re going to be. My wife even told me if you bought me this place I would never ask for anything else ever again and I am starting to buy it. I’m literally going into the ether believing the house purchase is going to make us happy and make her happier. Folks it’s crazy you don’t need to buy a house. Every house bought has to pay property taxes. I have to maintain it, I have to clean it, I have to wash it, I have to take care of it, I have to fix the roof, I have to paint it, I have to cut the grass. Look, if you can’t be happy where you are living, you are not going to be happy in the dream house that you buy. It’s crazy, it’s whack, if it doesn’t earn you income don’t buy it.

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