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You can build a sand castle on the beach, but you know it’s going to get washed away. This is how I feel about my Wikipedia page. I want to forget about it, but if I go to Google, and I put my name in, one of the top things that always comes up is my Wikipedia page. Is it really a concern that someone else keeps editing my page? Yes, because I take full responsibility for everything in my life. I don’t like what I see when I open my Wikipedia page—it’s boring, incomplete, and does not fully represent who I am. So I’m asking for your help today.

Here is what I first see when I go to my page, so you can see it’s obvious the page needs work:

I tried improving it, adding just factual information that was unbiased, but haters quickly came in flagging me for having a “conflict of interest”. After an edit war, a wiki hater warned me he would block me from further edits if I “vandalized” my page…

… by merely mentioning the fact that I created an online platform called Cardone University.

Soon thereafter, that hater—or another hater—took my photo down so now my Wiki page doesn’t even have a head shot. I’m not complaining, I’m bragging. You know you’re on the right track when Wikipedia haters start taking neutral facts from your page and threatening to ban you from any further edits.

I’ll give you a specific example of what you have to deal with on that platform. I felt my Wiki page was incomplete without a mention of what my company does. I see other companies on Wikipedia are able to do this—for example, Oscar Mayer is able to say they are an American meat and cold cut production company known for its hot dogs, bologna, bacon, and ham. Likewise, I wanted to mention what my company actually does.

I can’t mention the fact that I improve results for sales organizations, even though there are thousands of public testimonials about it.

Saying that I focus on consulting and implementing processes that improve results for sales organizations was rejected. Even just saying “Grant sells sales training programs” was taken down.

Anything you add will be flagged with the infamous <<Reference or Citation Needed>>, even those that could be confirmed by a simple google search or YouTube video. What is a reliable source anyway? You get lied to every day by the media. You could be a professor and the best expert in the world in your space, widely publicly known for your great depth of knowledge, and it makes no difference on Wikipedia—you will deal with getting blocked for telling facts.

That’s why I’m turning to you.

This is a call to arms to stop the censorship of Wikipedia haters.

Wikipedia is a sandcastle, but I shouldn’t have to keep building it on my own. I need your help. I’d consider it a personal favor if you can improve my page. I want an army of editors ready to revert any changes haters make to take down information about me, my products, and my business.

If you do make changes to my page, please screenshot the edits you successfully make. I’ll be sending you something to show my gratitude.

One place the haters WON’T be collecting is in Miami next week at the 10X Growth Conference. Can’t wait to see everyone there and everyone who will be on the Livestream from around the world!

Be great,


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