Why You Hate Sales

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Young Hustlers: I Hate Sales….The hustle and the grind is not about the push and shove, it’s to make your life easier. You push a car through the mud not because you like the pushing but because you want the car in a different place. If you don’t want to learn sales, you are selfish. People that are satisfied are selfish. So many people need help out there, and if you are satisfied then you are only concerned about yourself. Get rich to help others…it’s not just a money game, it’s a freedom game. That’s power. It’s the ability to say no to people. You can’t have freedom without money, so learn the art of sales!

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  • St. Julian

    Hey GC and JG. I’m brand new to auto sales and I’m struggling to predict my income. I just cashed in my 401K after listening to your shows talking about investing. It’s $6000 after the penalties. It’s baby money I know but should I use it to buy your on-demand product for automotive sales, Growth Con 2018 ticket, or invest it into sales funnels online and personal branding? Thanks.

    • Grant Cardone

      if you are in automotive, I recommend the Cardone on-demand. You’ll make your money back the first couple of months.