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The Secrets of Finding Out Why People Buy

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Young Hustlers: The Secrets of Finding Out Why People Buy—Do you know why people buy? If you ask bad questions, you will get bad answers. What is the one thing that makes a person want to buy? You will not transact with anyone if you don’t find the ONE reason someone wants to buy. There’s not 2, ,3, 4, 8 reasons why someone buys. It’s one thing.

1. Ask Hard Questions.
2. Get the Answers.

Some people will answer “it depends”. You need to ask more questions. The nurse doesn’t jab around, she finds the one vein. What is the one problem could I solve for you? Ask the questions you don’t want to ask. Do you have a question you want to ask but can’t? That’s the hard question. Be transparent. What else are you looking at? Do you like me? Have you ever spent this much money? To sell, you must find out why a person is buying!

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