Why Your Income Will NOT Go Up

Why Mens Wages are Going Down. The Journal took a look this morning at different ways of reckoning the gap in pay between women and men. The real issue is not the GAP between men and women….. The U.S. Census Bureau finds that the median earnings of men working full-time, year-round, is $49,398. The median for women was $37,791.

Most popular song from 1972:

Richard Nixon was Pres
Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin
Stock market was 1036 – now 15,0000
Fed Debt was 435b now its 17trillion

Mc Donalds Burger .25 cents
1972 Chevelle $2,800
Movie Ticket $1.75
Gas .36 cents per gallon
Milk $1.20
Eggs .33 cents

AVERAGE SALARY 1972 $27,000 / which translates to $400,000 now!!

“There’s no question that one of the things that ’77 cents’ doesn’t emphasize is that there’s been enormous gains,” said Harvard University economist Claudia Goldin.

Looking at the data above shows three clear trends that have emerged since the 1970s:
1) The spread between the sexes narrowed between 1970 and 2000. It has made little progress since.
2) Men have made no income gains in over four decades. Adjusted for inflation, men earn less today than they did in 1972.

Men’s hourly wages in 2012 dollars have dropped from almost $17 an hour to about $14 an hour since the late 1970s. Women’s wages have risen from about $10 to about $12. For the past decade, wages for both men and women have been stagnant or declining, and the gap has narrowed only slightly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also tracks how many wives earn more than their husbands. In 1987, only 24% of wives earned the most in their marriage. Today that’s up to 38% among all families in which the wife works.

What do you need to do….
1) Understand if you don’t take control nothing will change
2) Follow the Money
3) Get Close to Revenue
4) Quit Selling Time
Why are wages flat…..
1) Pressure from competition
2) Global
3) More people seeking jobs than people
4) Skills Missing
5) Too much Average

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