Why You Hate Salespeople

Before you hate on salespeople you may want to reconsider. I know a lot of people who have a disdain, even hate, on sales people. Recently a guy came to me for advice on how to grow his business. In speaking with him, he said, “I hate salespeople.” My response, “As long as you have a dislike for salespeople you will have trouble growing your business.”

You know the old saying, “be careful what you asked for, you might get it.” Another version of that is, “be careful what you hate on you, it’ll keep you from getting the things you want.”

The reason you hate salespeople is because somewhere in your career you quit selling. Since then, you are trying to make sense of your reasons for quitting. Go back in your career to that time when you had a failed sales call and if you look real close you might see yourself making a decision that you hate sales. That decision then got twisted to, “I hate salespeople” to make sense of your decision not to sell.

I have never met someone that didn’t like salespeople that weren’t having trouble with revenue. Do you get it?

“You hate salespeople because you are trying to make sense of when you quit being a salesperson.”
When you go to charity and resent the efforts of them trying to raise money you are basically disagreeing with the idea of raising money. When you meet a salesperson at the retail store trying to help show you around you are disagreeing with the idea of a retail sale. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t hate on anything and expect to have it later.

You can’t hate on the 1% and expect to ever be wealthy. You can’t hate on success and expect to have it. You can’t have a dislike for people in great shape and expect that you will be in great shape. You can’t hate on someone else trying to sell you a product and expect to be great at selling your own. Get it?

The next time you meet a professional salesperson, love them. Take the time to acknowledge the professional salesperson for their skills and efforts. If you want your people following up, your customers love the salesperson that follows you up.

Love the salesperson that’s attempting to grow his/her company’s revenues so you can start to grow your own business. Quit hating on salespeople for making cold calls, stopping by your office, following up relentlessly when those are the very skills you need in your business. Never hate on the things you want!

Grant Cardone

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