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Why You Do NOT Need a Website to start Advertising – Robert Syslo Jr

I said it, you do not need one to start. In this market I talk to so many people everyday and they hold off on promotion until their website is in place. I hear “I need to get this in place”, “I’m not ready to get started because of the fact that my website is not ready”. It is in my full consideration that if you think you need a website, one piece of property, one location, that one thing when you launch it will automatically attract customers…..I will pause a moment for silence. 

Observationally speaking a website is needed at some point, however launching the website 6 months from now and while it develops you decide to wait for promotion until that time is in my observation the most limiting thing you can do to yourself and your brand. What you have basically said is “hey I am going to wait until everything is just right to get started with making money.” Is that a logical thought process for an entrepreneur? I cannot say I know too many entrepreneurs who wait.

Harsh? Yes I agree with you it is. I have worked with Grant for 5 years, I have watched Apple and countless other companies start advertising before a site was even built, before the product was even out, and in some cases not even developed. There are free platforms that exist to you, that are available right now to promote products, to promote yourself, to showcase yourself. Not using them now to brand, to develop your name in the foreground while in the back you are building your website masterpiece, stops you and I dare say invalidates your goal of success.

I am saying right now that today you do not need a website for advertising, you do not need a website to start promotion, you do not need a website to sell your products. What you need is guts, commitment, the ability to confront the beast of social media and outflow out into the world. Talk about your products because let me tell you a single page does not do the trick, take transactions through Facebook, take transactions through paypal, as long as you are taking some action and not sitting waiting for your website to be constructed.

Go explode, launch now, build in the background, never stop promoting, never hold off on the value of your product, you are too valuable to invalidate yourself that way.


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