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Why We Love Weekends

In this Show

On this Grant Rant episode, Grant Cardone slams all whose weekly goal is the weekend.

Grant Cardone: I can’t wait for the weekend, oh man, I can’t wait for the weekend, Oh’ my gosh I can’t wait for next weekend. What they are saying is this, “I am not productive, I hate my job, I waste your money, okay. I clock in, I clock out. The whole time I’m thinking about the future, a future where I get to do nothing. Where I get to go to the beach and get burn. When i get to spend my money this weekend that I took from your company because i was not productive.” Look, if you hear this in your organization. If the person that sits next to you says, “I can’t wait for the weekend,” don’t you understand they are dropping poison into your own mind, that you are not being as effective and productive as you can be? Because the things that are rattling around this person’s head. And then, unfortunately, making it out of their mouth and into your environment are going to make you less productive. It’s actually going to make you not like your job. You are not in the moment, you are not being productive, you are not creating, you are not becoming more valuable. “Can’t wait for the weekend,” really?, really? You can’t wait for the weekend. What is that doing today? What is that doing tonight? What is that going to do to your productivity, your creativity, your department, your division, your company, your value, when you are waiting for something to happen that might not even get here? okay. Next time you hear “I’m waiting for the weekend,” say “knock it off man, we need to produce, we need to work together. We need to make the most of today, the moment, the hour, we need to create a company that is valuable, I need to create a brand that is valuable for myself and by the way I don’t hate my job, dude. I like what I do. I am not waiting for something out to happen,I’m going to make something happen right now.” Don’t tolerate “I can’t wait for the weekend” in any department, division or in your company or in your life.

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