When it comes to money there is so much bad advice it is no wonder most people struggle with it. Bankrate released a national survey that suggests 63 percent of Americans don’t have enough money for a $500 car repair.

How can it be? The wealthiest country on the planet with the biggest middle class in the world and the average person has less than $3000 in the bank. Seventy percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Why are so many people in the wealthiest middle class in the world struggling with money Because they are trapped by the ideas of the middle class. 

I grew up middle class and we had just enough money to get along. We were never hungry or wanted for much but I experienced my mom always fearful about money. I remember watching my mother clipping coupons, looking for the best deals, and always concerned the money wouldn’t go far enough. At the age of 16 I told her, “One day I am going to be rich and take care of you and help others.” My mom said, “Money won’t make you happy, we have more than most – be grateful.” I told her, “I am grateful, I just don’t want to be scared every day the way you are.

Things didn’t go as planned and by the time I was 25 years I was broke.  I literally had more money when I was fifteen than 25. How is that possible? Today, I know that it was because I had adopted ideas about money from the middle class and poor that perpetuate the condition of the poor and middle class. Since then I have been working on deconstructing the beliefs and actions that trapped me and learn how to create financial freedom from those that have.

“Don’t be grateful for being in the middle class be in a hurry to get out of it!”

The first thing you must do is commit to getting out of the middle class, middle class beliefs and middle class concepts. Start by identifying beliefs you may have adopted which prevent you from having financial abundance:

1) “Money won’t make you happy.” Everyone knows this – it is a stupid and irrelevant comment on money. When you hear someone say this know immediately this person has given up on money.

2) “A penny saved is a penny earned.” A penny saved is a penny and will never be more than a penny. This is your dad’s idea that kept him broke.

3) “Save your money.” Poor people save money and rich people invest money.

4) “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Money is printed by man and is plentiful. Anytime there is a shortage we print more.

5) “Get a good deal when you buy something.” Good deals don’t make people rich, making big deals makes you rich. Poor people put too much attention on price and not enough attention on value. The best deals I have ever made were those I paid a premium for.

6) “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This popular concept was sold to the middle class by Wall Street to create mutual and index funds. The wealthy don’t diversify they have big investments in small numbers of things.

Warren Buffet says, “Wide diversification is only required when investors don’t fully understand what they are doing.”

I want to help you get you achieve financial freedom. Whether you make $60,000 a year or $600,000 a year you can be trapped. The first thing you must do is quit believing in anything MIDDLE CLASS. The middle class is a myth perpetuated by politicians to keep people civil (grateful as my mother said). Don’t be grateful for being in the middle class be in a hurry to get out of it!

I am sure you know some other popular middle class money ideas that keep people poor and would love to see them in comments.

I hope this helps you,

Grant Cardone