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Why People Don’t Like You – The G&E Show

In this Show

Detractors, criticism, complaints and disputes. Grant and Elena share four ways to handle professional and personal attacks.

There’s no way you’ll be successful without get attention and people criticizing you.

Here’s four responses:

1. They might be right. Take a moment and assess the situation, your actions and words.
2. Projection. The attacker might be projecting their own issue, shortcoming, phobia or fear onto you and your actions. Remember, what others see in you, lives within them first)
3. Envy. Does their want for what you have or have achieved affecting them? Does their own lack of development or success blind them or is it impacting their actions and words in regard to your own situation?
4. Attention-seekers. Are they trying to ride on your success to gain notoriety or an audience?

And remember, you can’t build an empire without an enemy and success is your best response.

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