Why “Knowing” How To Create Wealth Is The Reason You Aren’t Wealthy – Jerry Fetta

I talked to someone yesterday who said “but I know that already”. As a Wealth Creation Coach I hear this from people regularly. It can come in different variations like “I don’t know if I want to become a client because I might already know the information” or “I worked with something like this before, but the information wasn’t new so I didn’t keep going”. I want to share with you today that what you “know” is most likely preventing you from actually creating wealth so that you can stop knowing and start doing.

Know at it’s root means “know how” or “be able to”. We will be addressing “knowing” with this definition from here on out. Know actually refers to the state of being able and is closely tied with application.

“Know” does not mean “heard”. It’s critical to realize that knowing how to build wealth does not mean that you heard it before, or read about it, or took a course or conference on it. I would venture to say that larger majority of people genuinely think that because sound vibrations entered their ears and they know what it meant that now they possess knowledge. This is incorrect. That is called coherence. It does not mean that a person possesses any sort of ability or will apply the information.

“Know” does not mean “finish”. I used to be one of the biggest culprits of this. I would finish a book and claim I knew it. Really it was just an attempt for me to make myself right and also to escape the work of going back and studying the same information I’d read already and didn’t really understand. I offer Cardone University to my clients as an added benefit and I have people who say “I’ve already done this” or “I finished that module already”, yet they have no results. You may have gotten through it but it doesn’t mean you know. Completion and knowledge aren’t the same.

“Know” doesn’t happen if you only did it once. Knowledge comes from frequency and repetition. It is about studying the same correct, stable information over and over and over until a person has it drilled. This is the difference between those who “know” how to build wealth and those who are actually building wealth. I don’t read lots of different books. I read the same books over and over and implement the data from them. Knowledge truly comes from going deep and not wide. This means you will study information you’ve already seen and heard. You will do stuff you’ve already finished. It won’t always be new and flashy.

The reality is, wealth comes down to increasing your income, keeping it, and then multiplying it. It doesn’t get more complicated than that. You can acquire equity or lend money. You can do that with businesses or you can do that with real estate. That honestly is about all there is to “know”. But you probably wouldn’t build wealth with that information. Even though you know it, you need to go deep on it, study if frequently, and DO it. If you would like a plan to create wealth that will increase your knowledge so that you DO build wealth, click here.

Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Grant Cardone Certified Coach

Jerry Fetta helps his clients build wealth so that they can eradicate poverty in their own lives and own their potential.

He believes scarcity and abundance cannot co-exist and that the way to end poverty is to help you build wealth.

You were not created to spend 40+ hours per week serving the 40-year-to-life sentence trading your precious time for money just to live in mediocrity.

However, the truth is that time and money must be exchanged. It just doesn’t need to be you making the exchange.

Jerry helps his clients create wealth that exchanges time and money on their behalf. The only way to do this is to make more money, keep it, and then multiply it.

He has helped clients double their income, save $100,000 tax-free, and secure 8-12% fixed annual returns on their assets.

To get started, go to www.WealthDynamX.com/contact

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