Why I Hope My Child Goes into Sales By: Carole Viohl

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Why I Hope My Child Goes into Sales By: Carole Viohl

I should trademark the title of this posting, as I’m quite certain those words have never been said… But yup, I said them, I wrote them, and I believe in them whole-heartedly. In fact, I can’t envision another career I’d personally advise my child, my little nieces, or my nephew to partake in. Sales is where it’s at! And… better yet… It’s the world’s best secret. What little 5 year old do you know of who goes around saying “I want to be a seller?” No one! So, it’s a field that often struggles to attract top talent, thus when top talent hits it – the world is theirs for the taking, with more job opportunities, power, visibility, rewards, steak dinners, and club trips than one can imagine! But that’s not what attracts me to the field. If anything, those are the things that make me slightly uncomfortable with it all (as someone raised in a humble background with zero tolerance for arrogance or entitlement), but let’s face it – those perks “sell well,” especially when talking to a wide-eyed ten year old!

But let’s talk about the real attraction, the real intellect, the real reasoning behind choosing a life in sales:

1.) There is no other role that teaches you so much about business.
2.) There is no other role that enables you to learn about dozens, even hundreds of companies, all while working for just one.
3.) There is no other role that is led with such conviction and strategy.
4.) Sales satisfies the most creative and curious of minds.
5.) Sales comes with tremendous support.
6.) Sales can satisfy our most social and anti-social tendencies.
7.) Sales lets you see the world and meet people from all walks of life (who are often at the top of their company/profession).
8.) Sales develops admirable skills that translate in both work and in life.
9.) There’s always more to learn in sales.
10.) Sales honors the entrepreneurial spirit.

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