Why Fact Finding Will Make You Question Everything

You cannot control the sale without asking quality questions. You need to know the exact questions you need to ask to sell effectively. What kind of questions can you ask to control the sale? It is literally impossible to control a sale without asking quality questions. You can call this qualifying, identifying wants and needs, investigation—call it what you may—when you are a salesperson you need to have quality questions answered.

There are certain things you have to know to make a sale. Questions set up everything else from the presentation of the product to the negotiations and even how you close. You don’t want to start talking about your product until you know what is important to a customer. Quality questions speed up the process time with customers by clarifying for you what they want, why they want it, and how they can justify it and make sense of a decision.

If you control the questions you control the sale. For example, “why that product?” You need to get an answer to that. What is motivating the customer? Questions like “Why do you like what you have now?” or “What would you change about what you have now?” are great to use. Ask your customer what they want to accomplish by getting this product.

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If you don’t find out what is driving your customer, you won’t know the right product for them, won’t know how to present that product, and won’t know how to close the deal. You need to figure out the dominate buying motive—the one or two things that would push a person over the edge and purchase.

People buy things to either solve a problem or because they fall in love. People do crazy stuff to solve problems and do even crazier stuff when they fall in live. You need to figure out what problem your customer is trying to solve and what they could consider something they would love. The purpose of fact finding is to find out what the right product is, why the product is needed, and how to present the product.

If someone tells you they want something and you just start showing them something, you won’t know what’s important to them. Take the time to ask good questions. If you don’t know the what and why, you won’t know how. You need to know what product to show your customer, why that product, and how to present that product. If a customer indicates an interest in a product, ask them something like this:

“What’s most important to you in your next ____?” 

Then follow that up with, “Now let me ask you, why is _____ important to you?” 

Knowing the what and the why are the only ways to make sense of the purchase. If you don’t know what people want you will make the mistake of putting a guest on the wrong product. You don’t want to be pushing too little or too much product. 50% of people that will shop you will never purchase. People don’t make decisions when they are unsure about something. By asking smart questions you can create your own economy by taking interest in people’s needs.

You speed up the buying process by asking smart questions. Your job is not to change a customer’s mind, but to find the right products and solutions that will satisfy their needs. The more you ask good questions the more important your customer is going to feel.

Here are some more questions to ask:

1. What would you like to have if you could afford it?

2. What do you have to have, that you’re not willing to give up?

3. What have you done before that you would like to repeat?

4. What would you like to have next time that you don’t have now.

Ask great questions.

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