Two major points to find who’s got your money:

1. People want to exchange with you—If you give 7 streams a day, giving away real content, there’s no reason not to ask for the deal. Asking is a sense of self-worth. I always have a product someone can buy from me. It means you have something of value. What is wrong with monetizing? The world revolves around it. For years I would do a sales meeting for free, then I asked for the money. People want to exchange with you if you bring value.

2. Your financial situation depends on new money—You need new money because you don’t want to be dependent on one income flow. No matter how big the one flow is you should never depend on one flow of income. I knew an executive in 2008 who was earning $350,000 a year and suddenly that income shut off. Create multiple streams of income that continue to drip into your wealth basket. This is not diversifying your wealth but fortifying it.

In truth, you’re never broke.

If you have no money, you still have something to bring to the table. Do you have faith, friends, creativity, or commitment? Then you aren’t broke. Since you aren’t broke the only thing keeping you from new money is settling for the status quo.

You must strive—not settle.

Comfort is the most dangerous element of finances. The middle class is built on comfort, settling and making ‘just’ enough. The wealthy never get enough wealth and never seek comfort. They seek freedom and abundance and always strive for more.

Today I’m making a public declaration, and I’m asking you to do the same in the comments.

“I am done playing around, I’m done with average, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, I’m done playing below my potential, I’m done just barely getting by, just barely making it, I’m done with little planes, little trips, little think, and little people. I want new money and I want to exchange with new customers.”

If you agree with this message and you want to make a public declaration, then post it in comments that you too are done.

If you aren’t rich yet, it’s because you don’t monetize. Everyone can make a product, and if you haven’t yet made one it’s not because you’re broke. If you give away content, it’s time to start monetizing. I made this T-Shirt to remind myself of this concept everyday. Get yours here.

When should you start monetizing? Today. Who’s got your money? If you don’t know how or where to start, get on Cardone University today and I will coach you to your riches. Let’s exchange—new money for me and massive value for you—a winner’s exchange so you can find who has your money tomorrow.

Be great,