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Who’s Got My Money?

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Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt share reality with you each Thursday at 12 EST. There is no shortage of money out there. Rich is not a fantasy—it’s a game of offense. Make a decision to get rich, do the millionaire math, and then there are three simple steps to follow:

Do you want money? Who’s got it?

1. Set a target
2. Pursue the target with a military effort
3. Shut the deal down

Never be average—get great. If you need skills get on Cardone University today. To earn cash you either need knowledge that others need or you need to know how to go out and get money. It’s best to have both. Also the wait times at the VA are ridiculous, are veterans have to wait 112 days on average to get a simple appointment and some of them are dying before they can get in. If a place isn’t in a hurry to serve it means either they don’t care or they aren’t being held accountable—or both. Fire Robert McDonald head of the VA—sign the petition and share: www.GrantCardone.com/petition

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