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Who Taught You About Money – GCTV Exclusive Documentary

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Who taught you about money?
Did anyone say how much money you needed to have freedom?
Answer the questions:
A penny saved is ….
Money doesn’t grow on ….
Money is the root of all
Rich people are….

Did your parents or teachers teach you about
–passive income
–creating multiple flows of income
–the characteristics of wealth
–How much money is necessary
–Encourage you to get rich
–Happy versus money

I went to the streets of Las Vegas and asked people from all walks of life about who and what they were taught about money.
The answers are very revealing.

Interesting that whether it is a homeless or the middle class the messages and programming are very similar.
It appears We were all taught the same things growing up about money, and much of it was false information! What were you taught about money? Leave your thoughts in comments.

Money doesn’t grow on…?
A penny saved is…?
Money won’t make you…?
Money is the root of all…?
Rich people are…?

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