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When to Expect ROI in Advertising – Robert Syslo Jr

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When to Expect ROI in Advertising – Robert Syslo Jr Every Wednesday at 5PM EST, I do a Masterclass for our advertising clients. The purpose of this class is to share the knowledge and understanding of what is associated with advertising and how to become more efficient at building a campaign and building a social presence. My job is front end, I promote 10X Productions, I make phone calls everyday and I close deals. I increase the top line. The number one consideration I get from calls and deals is when can I expect to get an ROI on my investment. Inside of the advertising space this is the hardest question to answer, I cannot guarantee anything as that would be a lie, I also have to answer this question with sound factual evidence. Everyone wants ROI, everyone wants their money to work for them. In this article I will take you through the viewpoint to have when it comes to advertising and ROI. The first thing to recognize here is that if you are in a position where you have to sell your service like we do here at 10X Productions we have to support everything with say with factual evidence. You have to showcase the results of the campaigns that you currently have with your current clients. For us we know if you spend $2000 you can make $6000-$8000 or more. There is also time involved in the equation as well. Whats happening in this moment is that the buyer needs to know that this information is solid and sound. We have a program that tracks everything right down to someone checking out on an commerce site and purchasing. We know at 10X Productions what the cost and conversion is we also know what the CTR (click through rate) is and we know if an ad is doing its job or not. Thats the game we play. Now I can get extremely technical with you here, but the goal is to answer the question…… catch the rest here…

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