When to Buy a Jet

I’ve wanted to write this article for a while, but with what happened on United yesterday, I feel I have to write this. We cannot let the companies and corporations and governments have control over our lives and the choice on how we’re treated. No one will ever get a chance to tell me my flight is over booked or touch my family, or kick people off for what they wear. Ever.

When I’m walking up to my jet no one is disrespecting me. No one is treating me like an animal.

When you search on Google “when to buy a jet”, you will find a whole bunch of nonsense advice. They’ll tell you only to buy a jet if you fly at least 250 hours a year, they’ll give you measurements of leasing versus owning, but this is what they don’t tell you—can you make more money with the plane than without it? The only thing that matters is if your jet can get you more business.

Here are some more questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you value how you’re treated?

  • Do you value time?

  • How much do you value time?

  • What is your time worth?

  • Would you prefer to have time over money?

Most people think I bought a jet just for comfort and luxury. While I don’t like TSA agents touching my wife—or myself—any more than any of you like it, and while I find it annoying walking through airports and going through the ridiculous boarding process, I didn’t buy my own jet just for comfort.

I bought it to get more done. And, like the doctor who was removed from the United flight had patients to attend to, which is why he didn’t “volunteer” to leave the flight, I too have business to attend to that can’t wait on a company “overbooking” their flights. When I need to be somewhere, I get there. I was tired of waiting on other people’s mistakes for my travel.

I don’t work only 40 hours a week because my focus is not on comfort, but freedom. I didn’t spend $20 million on 10X Airlines for the comfort. I spent it to make more money, because I value my time. And if I want to fly to New York in a few hours, I want to take my family with me and spend time with them as I get business done. I don’t want to wait or miss an opportunity because an airline company made an error.

Flying commercial—even first class—doesn’t give me the same value as flying in my own private jet. This is not to mention the fact that I can go more places and close more deals in shorter amounts of time.

Having your own jet helps take time out of the equation.

I’ve always had a get-it-done-now mentality. Flying private shortens time and gives me the ability to go where I want when I want. I’m not dependent on unreliable airlines that can delay my flight for 2, 4, 8, and 12 hours at a time, making me miss connections and spending nights in hotels in cities I had no intention of staying in.

Think about your life and all the best things you have. Don’t you wish every great thing happened sooner? I love flying 10X Airlines and I wish I bought it sooner. It’s the only plane I can yell “bomb!” on—and I value having that freedom.

Everything you want in life should happen quicker. You want a jet to compress time. I can be in multiple cities in one day that I could never reach waiting for commercial flights. If I’m not controlling my time, someone else is, right? If I have to wait on a commercial flight that means Delta or United controls my time—and you know that never goes well because the truth is they don’t really value your time or respect.

You need control and the ability to move faster. While we all have the same amount of time, the super successful know how to shorten time because time is money. I’m in a hurry. If patience is a virtue, then urgency is divine.

If you want to sell anything, it’s better to make the sale now rather than later. You never want to wait because in business, time doesn’t heal, it kills.

If you are interested in getting a jet to make more money because you value your time, then when do you buy a jet? As soon as you can.

Hope that helps,


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