When Should You Invest in Advertising? – 10X Productions By Robert Syslo Jr

The best question you can ask yourself is the one listed in the title of this article.  When is the best time to invest in advertising, or better yet how can I advertise more? The answer is a simple one, but I will not give it to you yet.  


I want you to think about what you did when you woke up this morning, then I want you to think about the time you spent in your business, whether you are a salesperson, an employee, or business owner.  What did you do during that time that was promotion worthy? What was done, what successes did the business have that would be worthy of advertising? Now I want you to ask yourself, did I show the world that?  Did I post it, did I put it on instagram regardless of how many likes it received?


The answer to those questions indicate the state of your business’s financial future and the expansion of that business.  10X Productions is based on this principle what was promoted today how was it shown, and did we get traction out of it. Your company exists because you want to offer help, you want to expand, help your family and help others.  Why would you suppress that desire by not advertising? Who are you to be so selfish that you would not want the planet know that you are doing something remarkable.


I say planet because that is the truth and that is the potential of the people you can reach in today’s world, you can reach everyone, you can help everyone.  But, you’re not going to help anyone if they can’t see you. Be visible. Become Visible not invisible, do not exist under the radar do not exist in a shadow, exist as the business and sales person people need to know about.


In one of the very first videos I ever did I talked about invalidation.  Let us define this word, invalidate means to “to weaken or destroy”. This is what happens every second you do not take action right now and put some piece of content on social media.   This is what is happening to your sales and your products that YOU developed and spent the time creating. If you want to not have financial gain, help of others take place, then NEVER advertise.  


Harsh truth there.  It is the reality. If you are not interested in your own businesses expansion, you’ve invalidated the purpose behind what you do everyday.  Advertising is a complete validation not only to yourself but to everyone you come into contact with. From advertising campaigns, to video productions, to social graphics, webinars, you must enter into this digital space in one form or another.  You must be seen and it must be a priority for you to create the presence.


There are days when you advertise and you promote where you will not see results, where the views won’t be there or the likes or engagement is down.  Facebook and Instagram decided one day to throttle you, and you have to readapt your whole strategy. Welcome to the game. It does not mean you stop, you keep going, you keep distributing, you keep finding ways to get creative and tell more of a story that is effective and works.  Create a blog, write short messages on Instagram stories, find a way to get into communication.


This is the purpose of Advertising.  The purpose of advertising is nothing more than communication.  I was recently reading “the Book of Gossage” it came recommended as one of AdWeek’s most recommended advertising books.  In it this little known advertising agency out of San Francisco landed massive clients back in the 60s and they landed these clients because their approach to advertising a company was different.  IT was not about knocking someone over the head with a message, which in some cases I do believe you must do, it was about communication. Which I 100% agree with. Why are we not, why are you not in communication with the people who have the ability and potential to exchange monetary value for your goods and services.  This is the biggest question you have to ask yourself. The moment you move from I am going to create an amazing business, I will help others and be known for this, and then confront the cost of advertising you retreat. You stop. You justify and object.


“Well I am not ready yet, I will wait 30 days, I will wait 60 days, the website is not perfect, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money,”  why are you lying to yourself about this. Your product is grounded in ethics, then promote that thing larger than Coca-cola does. Be seen known and heard as frequently and as often as you can because the future success of your business depends on that level of success.  It is more than just throwing money at advertising for advertising sake, it is a communication to the marketplace that you exist and you have something to offer, 10X Productions helps you with this.


We build you into the promoter entrepreneur, because the promoter always wins and the entrepreneur is the one who creates on his terms.   Promote on your terms and tell your story on your terms. So let us get back to the main question at hand, when is the right time to invest in advertising.  The answer is always.


Always invest in advertising, always invest in advertising and always invest in advertising. Do you have it?  Good. Now you advertising when you are small, you advertising when you are medium, you advertise when you are losing, you advertise when you are winning, you advertise when their is nothing to advertise about.  You do this because you are competing with so much attention and noise, as Grant Cardone often says when he speaks of social media. All that noise is killing your chance of being noticed. You pay for advertising and you continue to pay for advertising.  


The always creates a sense of continued expansion into the marketplace, a sense of continued validation that this company exists and that it is of value to the world.  Never expect anyone to promote what you are doing, you are the one who has to do it, Grant Cardone has said so many times. AT 10X Productions we do this, we make noise for you, we get you seen, we drive people to you, you have a conversation, you communicate and build the business you want.  Build it on your terms, because you are a promoter. Are you a promoter? Than advertise.


You advertise until the planet stops.  And then when that happens you still advertise.


When I talk to a business one of the first questions I ask them is what they have going on right now in regards to digital marketing, the majority is not much.  That is the state of your competitor, not much. So when you look at a company that is very successful, that seems to be getting all the business, that seems to be having everything happen, look at their advertising and how much are they actually investing into it.  Your goal should be to out spend everyone in the space. Even if you can’t do that right now find a way to do it. 10X Productions focuses on advertising spend but we also train you on how to do this with our Masterclass that I host every Wednesday at 5PM EST. You can advertise on these social media platforms for free, you can post content, you can post videos, you can tell the planet about who you are and what you can do for them, and you should be doing that.


When you are looking at your business and trying to figure out just what you are trying to do and where you are going, include advertising in that thought process because you need to survive, you need it to be known.  Even if you did not get a single lead from an advertising spend, spend the dollar. Reach those 2 million people and then spend it again and keep spending. Advertising should be a part of your monthly spend as much as your rent or mortgage.  Factor it in and reap the benefits of being able to achieve this. When you come to a moment where you feel like retreating, advertise, when finances are tight advertise, when things are not moving in the direction that you would like them to you advertise, always.  You advertising always no matter the circumstances, good or bad, you always, always advertise.

10X Productions will train you to do just this, it will train you to create that brand the image and assist in the promotion of that image because for us we are focused on just one simple mantra.  A mantra that leads to success.


Promoters always win.

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