Getting rich is not super complicated—and neither is the game of football. In football, you have to know the basics first, such as understanding the rules, knowing how to tackle, run, and catch. Getting rich is no different—you must know the basics. Do you know the basic building blocks of wealth? Remember that in football the same principles apply to the game whether you are in the NFL or in a 7-year-old peewee league. The basic building blocks of wealth apply to the rich and poor alike. Just as NFL players have perfected the basics of football, so the wealthy have mastered these basics:

#1 Pay Yourself First — Everybody agrees with this but very few do it. The IRS always gets their money first. You don’t have the option—they drag the money out of your paycheck or tax return because they want to be paid. They don’t trust you. When I get a paycheck I want to maximize exemptions. If $10K comes in, I’m peeling away for Grant first. I want to pay myself before I pay American Express, rent, and car payments. I love me first.

You can’t take care of anybody if you can’t take care of yourself first. Make it a priority to pay yourself first.

#2 Use Credit Cards — For those of you who have cut up your credit cards, you are missing out on the valuable assistance credit cards can give you. My credit cards are employees of mine. The way to use a credit card is to pay them off every month and use the statements for accounting purposes. I never keep the receipts for anything—I get them all at the end of the month. Why would I want to drag a piece of paper around with me? I got my credit cards collecting all the data for me. If you don’t have the discipline to pay off your credit cards every month, it’s because you don’t have a commitment to money. Credit cards are not the problem—you are.

#3 The 40% Rule — It is proven if you go back to the great depression you’ll see the wealthiest people saved 40% of their income. That should be your target. 40% of your total gross income before taxes should go to savings. It’s very difficult, I know. It’s a power money move and something I’ve been doing since I was 28 years old. I wanted financial freedom. I didn’t want to just work and grind, push and shove forever just to have baby money in the bank. I wanted to have wealth and a cushion. Who doesn’t? If you make $4K and take off 40% for savings, you are down to $2400. It would be very difficult for any family to live from that month to month before taxes. That’s why you need to get your mind on income, see if you can get up to $10K a month. Now you’re saving $4K a month and living on $6K.

I created the Playbook to Millions as an affordable program for all looking to become future millionaires. You would never go into a football game without specific plays and strategies, so why go into life without millionaire tactics?

You get what you focus on, and if you are unprepared you will lose. The top athletes train and know their playbooks inside out. I created the Playbook to Millions as the tool you need to carry you to financial victory.

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Be great,