I read 3 different Top Ten Lists for Financial Success and they all had the same mistake – Saving Money. Folks, you have to invest money to make money. Your goal should be to boost your income, not hold onto your money. What, you’re gonna cut a night out to the movie theater, dinner? What’s that gonna save you? Nothing. You have to make money now and in the long term.

If you know what day it is then you are not busy enough. I hear people complaining about it being Monday and how hard it is to get motivated to sell on a Monday morning. I wondered how they even knew it was Monday, I had no idea. On Wednesday people are halfway through the week. On Friday they are saying, “Thank God it’s Friday.” How do you even know what day it is? You’re not being productive enough!

Don’t allow your customer service to fall into the pits of negativity otherwise you’re losing time, money, and more customers. I strongly suggest you emulate and take my advice in order to better service your customers.

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