What’s Your Boogeyman?

Chances are that when you were a child, you found fear in irrational things—like the boogeyman under the bed. It made you check your closet and the dark corners of your room to see what was lurking. But as all children eventually find, the boogeyman does not exist anywhere but in the head.

After growing up, we all have our own “boogeyman”. The truth is, while many boogeymen are just in your head, some boogeymen are not made up—they are very real and dangerous.

Don’t let anyone tell you that these boogeymen don’t exist:

1. The Boogeyman of Not Knowing—Ignorance is not bliss.

You have to know certain things in life to have the success you want. Nobody wants to be the person that doesn’t know. The word “idiot” comes from Latin and was used to describe a common person who was not educated. We’ve all felt ignorant at some time in our lives. Everyone fears that they will be exposed, be caught vulnerable, or be unprepared.

Everyone is an idiot at something, meaning you have to become educated—you’re not born that way. All the greats started out as idiots before they learned, practiced, and became great. Use the fear of not knowing to keep you learning, practicing, and eventually becoming great.

2. The Boogeyman of Failure—Failure is a real possibility.

You have to be willing to fail in order to succeed. The truth is, the only way you can actually fail is if you give up or quit. You’ve got to be willing to fail knowing failure is actually impossible if you have the fortitude to persist. If you would just re-work the way you think about failure you will realize this. You’re thinking, “Hey can I fail?” No, you can’t! The only way you can fail is if you quit.

Fear the idea of giving up more than the thought of failure, and use the fear of failure to push you to never give up.

3. The Boogeyman of Obscurity—If you don’t have the fear of obscurity, you should.

It’s real and dangerous. 80% of entrepreneurs fail in the first 18 months of business. It’s primarily because of obscurity. The goal should be to be seen, thought of, and considered—in one way or another. Your only problem is obscurity, not talent. In order for the endeavor you’ve chosen to work out for you, you have to make constant, relentless effort. Money and power follow attention. Other people don’t know you and aren’t thinking about you. You need to fear obscurity. To beat it you have to always show up, be all in, and trust that creativity follows commitment. Get known!

Most people on planet earth are not that well educated, fail in many areas, and live in obscurity. You should fear this because it is average. If you want extraordinary, you must get knowledge, persist past failure, and get attention. I created Playbook to Millions to slaughter all the boogeymen of ignorance, lack of success, and irrelevance.

People have fear when they are not trained, not educated, not motivated, don’t know what they’re doing, don’t know what their pitch is, and don’t know how to be relentless. Skill up today, get on my new Playbook to Millions and make your own economy. While the Boogeymen consumes the average, the economy will only improve for the strong, the diligent, and the persistent.

Be great,


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