Grant Cardone

American entrepreneur, business expert, New York Times best selling author, speaker and motivator

About the Show:

Grant Cardone successful entrepreneur and New York Times Best Selling Author, challenges job seekers to show they have Whatever it Takes to join his company. Find out what happens when the craziness ensues in this ultimate interview experience.

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  • Awesome Qasim

    Say what!!? I’m so honored to be the first to post on the “G. of Sales” site W.I.T. page and I don’t mean Grant. Super entertaining show guys! I’m Qasim (Ka•sum) Alansari and I just want to say no more to GC and his team and family for all that you’ve done for the world but THANK YOU for everything you do. G you’re fresh as always with your content and your execution on all of your products are clean. Ain’t no one better than you dude. I aspire to greatness to dine with fellows like you one day with intentions of collaborating on helping this place be more fun to live in. Salute.