Episode 6 – “The Presentation”

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The big finale of Whatever It Takes Season 2 ends with the most explosive episode to date. Who will win the marketing challenge to get Cardone University into the top private university in the country for hiring, educating, and training entrepreneurs? One contestant refuses to leave, another cramps up in the water, another bleeds. This isn’t heaven and Grant isn’t hiring angels, but he is looking to hire people who will represent Grant and his brand with ethical behavior. Find out who can pitch water and who gets tongue tied, who makes it and who gets cut!

  • moe

    When is season 3 coming?? Love this show

  • Jim Kuckie

    I agree! I have learned much over the years. I will be closing Grant Cardone in 2017 on my company http://www.shipauditpros.com Thanks for the support!

  • Jim Kuckie

    I am happy I didn’t take your advice and show back up. You are correct in that “I didn’t turn up the heat.” but it was meant to be. This experience was one of the best ever for me. Grant, I can’t thank you enough.
    I will be closing Grant Cardone this year on my business http://www.shipauditpros.com
    I have also been able to help my wife Maggie Kuckie reach her dreams as I spoke in the show, by helping us create “One of Illinois Best Day Spas..” http://www.sparemedy.com We won multiple awards in the past 2 1/2 years we have been open, she has left her RN job to be an entrepreneur, and we have an amazing team…. I didn’t know it back then, but I was speaking what I wanted in the show.

  • Jim Kuckie

    I like where your head is at! I don’t think Grant could offer me enough, unless he bought out my company http://www.shipauditpros.com and had his sales team distribute/sell, while paying me some royalties for such an epic platform.

  • Jim Kuckie

    No one deserves it, but could be arguably earned…. right?

  • Jim Kuckie
  • Winston Peterson

    I have watched each episode of this, and I don’t know why they didn’t simply state the obvious on the water challenge. Assume your prospect already knows about the general benefits of water, and list the top 3-4 reasons why you know they need it and just ask for the sale. I’d rather spend my time overcoming the objection they shouldn’t have and isolate why they wouldn’t buy it now, because we know they are going to buy it anyway from someone. And that’s why they should buy it now and not let them spend anymore time deciding on when they are going to do something they already know that they should do. I’d take an average closer with weak sales skills over a strong sales person with NO closing skills any day of the week.

  • Harold Tavarez

    Start another season so i can win the next competition! 🙂