Episode 4 – “The Lamborghini Sale”

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Episode 4 of Whatever it Takes features a group of candidates trying to convince Grant Cardone they have the skills, the intelligence, and the ability to think on their feet…AND the willingness to do whatever it takes. This is how Grant finds great people. One guy calls himself the fire breathing sales dragon. Another a sales killer—or does he kill sales? Who’s tired of being good and wants to be great? Who is sick and tired of being sick and tired? Everyone on the planet has great ideas, but who can actually HELP Grant? Watch the contestants try and sell a 454K Lamborghini, dig a sandpit, and give it their all to win a coveted position at the top sales training company in the world.

  • Harold Tavarez

    no idea where you find these goobers lol

  • Rocky Wang

    Ohhh Mr. Grant Cardone, your keeping picking the wrong people prompts me to question your judgement… I laughed my ass off

  • Joseph Smith

    I don’t like when a women say “ohh I am a single mother”. She wasn’t great in comparison with the other 2 guys. She only position herself as a victim and made her drama scene at the end to influence Cardone decision.