Episode 3 – “Selling On The Streets”

In this Show

Episode 3 of Whatever It Takes has a batch of new contestants competing for a coveted position at Grant Cardone’s sales training company. If you can’t spot a liar in a job interview, you end up with liars in your company. Watch the contestants go through contraband, grueling physical challenges, and selling on the streets of Miami Beach. Who will bring the most revenue, who will be the biggest asset to Grant? Make your picks early and find out who makes the cut and who has whatever it takes.

  • Felix Gonzalez

    I love how at the end of each episode you give us a breakdown of what happened to the contestants after the show. It really shows even winning this competition doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it in your company.

  • Joshua Nilsson

    Thank you in advance for meeting with me. I can tell that you are a man of action and that you do not need this glass of water. You can go anywhere in this building and get yourself a glass of water. What I am offering you is this water but in bottle form with a 10X label. We take this water and have it displayed in major events, like the Boston marathon. Lets take this first step to 10X’ing the world, should I start production on the 12 ounce bottles or the 18 ounce bottles?

    • Joseph Smith

      I can tell you ….and that you do not need this glass of water? If you tell a client that he did not need your product, then you lose his interest by 100%. The task is to sell the “glass” of water and not to sell a 10 X labeled bottle of water in places you assumed it will succeed.

  • Jason B. Adams

    When I see Mr. Cardone extend an offer to a participant, I think to myself, wow the world for that person just became limitless. That is awesome! HOWEVER, I am absolutely amazed and astounded by the people that get an offer, but then never show back up.. This is the opportunity of a life time, and the potential a person has with the Cardone Team is one that could never be overvalued. That is why I am so shocked. Mr. Cardone gives so much in the way of opportunity, wealth, and knowledge; that these participants would be lucky just to start for FREE, and work their way up from there. They need to get their priorities figured out, time is short.