Episode 2 – “The Marketing Challenge”

Season 2 of Whatever It Takes continues with episode 2. There are 7 billion people on the planet and Grant needs to find just a few that are ethical, disciplined, and GREAT. Everyone says they have whatever it takes, that they are the best of the best and that they can deliver, but when Grant finds out where they live, what they think about, who they spend most of their time with will he really find people who have whatever it takes? See how the candidates react to the different situations Grant puts them through. How would you respond? It has been said that if you bring a man out to play golf or play a game of poker, just get him into a game and you will meet him for the first time. Competition brings things out of people that ordinary situations never will. This is whatever it takes!

  • Susan Arndt

    How much time did Elana spend in the wine cellar LOL

  • Justin Estrada

    How could you not forsee that if you get the job, you have to relocate.

  • vicnesh

    How could you not take the offer ???!!! Ppl around the world would do anything to work with Grant and improve their finance 🙂