Episode 1 – “The Radio Spot”

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Last year Grant hired 10 people from Whatever It Takes and 6 of them quit. The other 4 are his top producers. What will this season bring? Watch the contestants sell a glass of water and see who can handle the pressure when Grant throws them some curveballs. Which contestant will have the stamina to go through the grueling beach workout Grant puts them through with former professional boxer and fitness instructor Dentato De Martiis? Who will prove they have not only the drive, but the skills to work for Grant? Find out now as season 2 of Whatever It Takes launches an explosive episode 1 full of twists and turns. Sell or be sold!

  • Dale Szewczyk

    No, you weren’t too hard on the kid who stiffed you. I’d do the same thing you did, I might have been even harder. You don’t play with other people’s money, EVER. You could have let him move forward, and given the hardest treatment then cut him. I am nice, too nice, but when it comes to stiffing people, I am vicious. I want money to afford your university. I am working for it. I expect the same out of anyone else.

    And the guys you did pick, I would have picked as well. Makes me sick when you pick winners who stop being winners. They earn the kill and then they fall short. I don’t know if I have what it takes for you, but I’d fight every damn day to level my game up. So when I see these winners lose what they fought for over something stupid, it makes me mad. You’re giving a great opportunity, you’re the one boss I’d respect. These guys don’t know what they are throwing away.

    But I have no doubt you will find the winners. You have some great people from last season, the faces I always see. And those who were hired before the show like Jarrod and Heath, love those guys. A lot of people talk crap about Jarrod, but he’s well on his way to being the next Grant Cardone, if there is such a thing. And Heath, man, he’s a freaking beast. Love the pen he earned!

    Keep more of this show coming, I can’t get enough, man! I mean, Mr. Cardone, you got me going on the “man” thing. I will do my best to call you Mr. Cardone, but ti’s hard when you calling people bro and man. lol. Not complaining, you’re a cool boss. Even when you’re tough.

  • Horacio Valdez

    Grant Cardone is hardcore. I would love to have a boss like that. It would only be a win win situation regardless of the outcome. If for some reason one cannot hang with this man or his team, you will still walk away with a brute reality check and knowledge on life and sales and what it takes to win. We need more bosses and people like Grant. Anyone know if they are going to make another season??

  • Kamlesh Bonomaully

    Having a boss like Grant will sure make you succeed in life.

  • Harold Tavarez

    Michael Jordan! i would of kept the dude that never paid you money