What Message Did You Need to Hear Today?

If you want to know what people think, listen to what they say. As a man thinks, so he does. What people say mirrors how they think, and both show what they’ll do. There are many dumb sayings out there, such as, “Patience is a virtue”, “Money won’t make you happy”, and “It’s the journey, not the destination”. Just because a quote is popular doesn’t make it true. I want to share with you today some of the quotes I live by.

“Money and success demand attention, ignore either and you will have neither.”

“You will not have a successful life surrounded by negative people.”

“Freedom is not something you buy but something you earn.”

“Staying poor is selfish.”

“Success is a full-time job.”

“Money isn’t important until you need it, then it’s too late.”

“You can’t get rich thinking poor.”

“Freedom can’t be provided by any government.”

Think about these quotes and comment below which one you most needed to hear today.

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