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The main thing my company provides is Wealth Creation Coaching. The main thing my clients are looking for is Wealth Creation Coaching. Today I want to explain to you what the Wealth Creation Coaching process looks like so that you have a better understanding of what it entails and you can become interested in it. Why? Because Wealth Creation Coaching is the exact thing you’ve been looking for with your finances and have not yet found until Wealth DynamX.

The first ingredient in successful Wealth Creation Coaching is a willing client who desires to receive help to take control of their future. You see, we can’t help someone who is not interested in help. We cannot help someone who doesn’t desire control over their finances. This is important because many people believe that you are supposed to delegate your finances to a financial advisor and let them handle it all for you. This is incorrect. When I coach companies, the company finances are the very last thing I tell my clients to hire out. If it is that critical for a company to maintain financial control, then it is the same for an individual.

The second ingredient is a trained coach. A trained Wealth Creation Coach is not just another financial advisor or volunteer who hosts financial classes at the church or the library. A Wealth Creation Coach is the highest trained and highest caliber of financial expert who is there to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Think of a Wealth Creation Coach as your own personal tycoon. His job is to help you set goals, confront your finances, achieve your goals, and ultimately build wealth. Your coach should be knowledgeable on money, selling, saving, taxes, debt, investing, and business. This isn’t a mutual fund and insurance salesman.

Good Wealth Creation Coaching will then provide you with education. You should begin by changing the information you operate with by learning new information. This will set the tone for you to begin thinking differently about your finances and your goals. This is important because your Wealth Creation Coach is going to help you confront your finances and get them organized. Confront means to face without flinching and if you do this without changing the information you operate with, then instead of looking for improvement you will look for ways to justify your situation. You will also suppress your goals because you aren’t thinking big enough. You see, having the right information and having the opportunity to audit your finances and your goals is giant!

These things we’ve discussed so far have set us up for a plan. Now there isn’t anything magical about the plan, other than the fact that it is right. You will see a correct portrayal of your current financial state, your goals, and what it will take to get there. It may take new thinking, more action, a new strategy, different tools and resources, and other things. But the plan is created to help educate you on your finances and to uncover problems. Why? So we can fix them. You see, the plan is not the solution, it is actually going to further accentuate the problem so that we can more clearly determine what the correct solutions are. Then, we go about solving the problems.

Now when it comes to solving the problems, the Wealth Creation Coach actually plays a very small part. You see, you are the only one who can go achieve your goals and improve your finances. Your Coach may have resources that enhance the work you do and make things faster or easier, but ultimately, the plan only works if you do. Your Coach won’t even tell you anything you didn’t know in most cases. He will help you confront it, decide on a solution, provide clarity, and hold you accountable to your numbers.

The result of Wealth Coaching is a person who is better educated on wealth, who has the right plan in place, understands what needs to be done, and does it.

The reason Wealth Creation Coaching is so important for you to do is because it isn’t magic. It is all stuff you can go do on your own in the real world. You don’t need special products to do it, or trivial exercises, or a 3 day event to get motivated. You just show up, do your coaching, and go win. If you would like a simple, structured, and effective way to build wealth, click here.

Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Grant Cardone Certified Coach

Jerry Fetta helps his clients build wealth so that they can eradicate poverty in their own lives and own their potential.

He believes scarcity and abundance cannot co-exist and that the way to end poverty is to help you build wealth.

You were not created to spend 40+ hours per week serving the 40-year-to-life sentence trading your precious time for money just to live in mediocrity.

However, the truth is that time and money must be exchanged. It just doesn’t need to be you making the exchange.

Jerry helps his clients create wealth that exchanges time and money on their behalf. The only way to do this is to make more money, keep it, and then multiply it.

He has helped clients double their income, save $100,000 tax-free, and secure 8-12% fixed annual returns on their assets.

To get started, go to www.WealthDynamX.com/contact

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