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What is the Best Franchise? | FranFinders

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We get that question a lot. Or something similar like, “What’s the hottest franchise out there?”
And I always answer the same way, “It depends.” That may seem like a cop-out, but it’s the truth. After speaking with thousands of people wanting to buy a franchise over the last 9 nears, the answer really depends on what makes sense for you. Not what is trending hot.
The franchise needs to fit your goals, regardless if the model is “easy-to-run” or cash flows from day one, you need to know what your reason for wanting to invest in a franchise.
If it’s to transition out of a full-time job, where you need the cash flow to support your family, then the best franchise for you is one that allows you to start part-time or allows for passive ownership.
If you are in transition (out of work) and need cash flow immediately, then the best model for you is one that has low overhead, probably service-based, that will get you jobs quickly.
So, the best franchise is not the latest fad, but the one that fits your goal.

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