If you get up from your chair and do 10 push-ups, I guarantee you will feel different. It’s how I start my days. It gets the blood flowing. That blood flow gets you on more calls, talking to more prospects and closing more deals. Each push-up may earn you more than $100. Exercise is the first thing I do to start a successful day. To have long-term success, you have to take care of the container, the energy unit.

That’s what your body is—a unit of energy.

People say that I have lots of energy. Look, everyone has lots of energy. It’s when you are bored and not producing that you feel you have no energy. You can simply create higher levels of energy by doing a few jumping jacks, a few push-ups, a few pull-ups. Exercise is movement. Walk, run, stretch—anytime you move your body you create energy. The more energy that is produced the more production will be created.

Production creates morale.

Higher levels of production produce higher levels of self-worth. Nobody feels good if they do nothing. If you sit at home all day and do nothing, I promise you by the end of it you will not feel very good about yourself. It’s a cycle, the more I exercise the more energy I produce. The more energy I produce the more I produce. The higher the production the more morale I have. The greater the morale I have the more I want to do something.

Success is really simple.

It comes down to production—and that comes from energy. Use exercise as a way to produce energy. I’m not some freak aberration of nature, we all have a lot of energy in us we just have to access it. How would you like to double the energy you have right now? The answer is exercise. The more you exercise the better you will feel and the better you will look. The better you feel the better others will feel being around you.

You are either moving forward or going backwards. Nothing stays the same. In reality there’s no such thing as the status quo. The planet you live on keeps moving—if it stopped spinning life here would cease to exist. Find ways where you can get control of your life. Anything that you can control gives you a sense of security.

Your body is a vehicle.

You are the driver.

So get in control of it.

If you had a Lamborghini wouldn’t you take care of it? Would you not drive it? I rarely workout for more than 30 minutes. Maybe you just need a 20-minute walk. Turn your exercise into production focus, not a body-focus. The more you produce the more money you are going to start earning.


Here is a simple 10X workout that I use to get rolling:

If you are already exercising—great. If not, I want you to start today AND get on Cardone University. Get your physical game right and your mental game tight.Your energy unit needs to have the horse-power to produce at the levels I’m going to train you at. I’m on my way to a billion—I know you can get to a million and more. Enroll now.

Be great,