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What I Would Do If I Were 20 Years Old Again: Young Hustlers

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What I would do if I were 20 years old again: Young Hustlers
Here are the four things that Grant would do differently if he were twenty again and just starting out.

1. Get your money right. Get great at your job. Now is not the time to show off and buy the fancy watch or car. Spend your time and energy and effort in getting more money.

2. I would study money. I would invest my extra time learning about how to create money and multiply it.

3. Buy real estate. Create an income source that will create passive cash flow that will become greater than your earned income.

4. Find a mentor. Find a person who you aspire to be and who inspires you.

The bottom line is you need to hate your life so much that the job you go to becomes the best opportunity to change it for the better.

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