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Yes I got an Alfa Romeo 4C, I didn’t even know that car existed until two months ago, shame on you Alfa Romeo for withholding yourselves from promoting harder such a beautiful car.   Why am I writing this and why am I talking about this. This article is not so much about the car but more about building your own voice and digital identity.


The uniqueness of this vehicle is what attracted me to it, it has character, its totally impractical, but extremely fun and it does one thing very well, it gets me a huge amount of attention when I drive.  People will stop me on the road just to talk to me about it I love this. From a marketing and branding standpoint, this is the best investment I have ever made for attention so far in my life. I will probably say the same when I buy a red Ferrari.  I have a few areas I am going to expand into in this article in an effort to share my viewpoint on what getting the 4C did for my perspective on marketing.



Your brand, your image, your clothing everything you do indicates out to the public about what you are and who you are.  It also says a lot about what you are giving the marketplace to work with. I am not saying that image defines your existence I am just saying that whatever image you decide to work with is that it is YOU.  Just like the unapologetic Alfa 4C, you must also be unapologetic in how frequently you decide to promote and place yourself out into the marketplace. It is more than just I will put a video up, it is more about how will this video help move me in the direction of my brand?  What will this article do to drive attention? What and how will I communicate to others who I am and what I represent? These are the questions we ask ourselves here at 10X Productions and how we incorporate that into your advertising and branding campaign.



When I started working with Grant Cardone he kept saying “Money follows attention”, “No one can flow you if they don’t know you”. This was five years ago, he still says this today.  But I understand what he means. It is not bragging to show off his G550, it is not bragging to show off his apartment, it is not bragging in way of the form, its attention. Not only is it attention but it is attention at every emotional and logical level of people he communicates to.  Taking it as arrogance or conceit misses the true point of what is happening. It is just a simple level of communication. The Alfa 4c helps me to do this, I can get into communication with a community I previously could not, the luxury car market. It is not that I couldn’t get into communication with them, I now have something that can open conversation and even pull attention to me for opportunity.  Any attention good or bad, presents itself with a certain opportunity. The opportunity to open up a communication and an opportunity to increase the survival of your company.



If imagery tells a story then the Afla 4C tells one of brazen speed and aesthetics.  Pretty much how I feel about myself. Now what can I take from this. What I place out into the marketplace about me is me, it is not fake, it is not falsified, it is not doctored up to be anything more than what it is the reality of me.  You get the idea of the brand, the feel and who I am. When you look at Grant Cardone you get the same experience, this is Grant, this is what he offers and you get it. To much of the social world relies heavily on over exaggerations, over embellishments, for lack of a better term its unreal.  And the overt attention on the beauty ruins the purpose and attention portion of it. It only communicates at one level, and it becomes repetitive. Your goal when it comes to attention and purpose of advertising is not this, but communication at every emotional and logical level of the marketplace to which you are injecting yourself into.  It less about the perfection and more about the reality of who you are and what you offer. Is there a time and place for the over embellished, for the doctored? Of course, but not always. Do not lose the touch that makes you you.



I will never get rid of the Alfa 4C, it was my first sports car, its Italian red, and its Italian I mean what more do you want, you can hear me coming a mile away and when I drive it I dread getting out of it when I get home. I try to find another way to go home so I can have a few more minutes of enjoyment in it.  This is what your brand and your messaging needs to encompass. Could I watch you for just a few more seconds? Would someone want to sit and learn more? How can I get the amount of time I am with you to last longer? These are the questions you as the individual who is creating and marketing the brand should be thinking with when you take into the consideration the amount of effort and communication you are trying to get out there in to the marketplace.  Give them a reason to like you more, give them a reasons to stay with you more, give them reasons to say how can I just get a few more minutes with this person and his message.



The Alfa Romeo 4C to me is a big deal and the exchange here is that it gives me joy, like a 5 year old when he gets a new toy, it literally is the same thing.  It exchanges fun and excitement every time I accelerate. What are you exchanging with your followers and customers on your social accounts. What is the image you are giving out and the experience that follows along with that?  IS there on some level and exchange that takes place between you and the people you are communicating with? What is it and how does it work. Get clear on this because it builds and enhances the above sections I have been writing about. Without exchange, you have no attention and without attention you have no cash flow.


The purpose of the article was to relate how my Alfa Romeo 4C brings attention in a good way, it gives me an opportunity to communicate with everyone, everyone wants to talk to me because of this car.  It is like when you have a puppy, a puppy pulls attention extremely well. Your business, your income, your marketing depends on how well you can hold the attention of the audience you communicate with you.  Your products and services regardless of what they are can be promoted with what you have around you. In my case my car gives me a great way to do this. I know some of you car enthusiasts will say, but it’s and Alfa.  I say yeah its also red and people like it. Use what you have available to you for promoting your products and services. Show the public things hey have never seen before and give them a reason to keep wanting more from you.  However and wherever you find yourself do yourself a favor and get out in front in the marketplace. The above mentioned sections provide a great way for you to do this, they provide insight into how attention works in marketing to drive sales.  


Grant Cardone taught me this so well, attention leads to income.  Attention leads to growth, attention leads to people actually getting to understand the truest version of who you are and what you are capable of doing.  Use it because if you don’t the marketplace will go to someone else and give their attention there. Do what is necessary and find extra creative ways to get into communication with those you market to beyond what you are known for.  If there was one thing to impart before I end this article it is that notion. There are creative ways to get outside of your marketing strategy, to talk to others and promote your products and services. My alfa allows me to do this.  I will continue to use what is available to me to make this happen. 10X Productions and our crew here will help you discover what that is and use it to your fullest potential. Because you and your company deserve it. Your income deserves it, get creative and use what you have to win.


Afla Romeo if you read this article I want royalties.  

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