What does your work desk say about you? Here’s what mine says…

I started my first business with a phone and no desk. Fast forward to today and I’ve got a big desk and I own five companies that make over $100m a year, but I keep my desk clean. You need a clean work environment that frees you from distractions. I don’t play Candy Crush or watch cat videos at my desk—I stay productive. It’s not the size of the desk that matters, it’s how you use it. Are you taking massive action at your desk?

Notice I don’t have files and tons of loose paper lying around. Your desk doesn’t need to be perfect but it should be tidy and items need to be easily accessible. Put some things that are important to you that remind you of your purpose. Here’s a closer look at some of the items on my desk:

As many of you know, I purchased my own jet last year—10X Airlines. Flying this way gets a lot of criticism from haters but I’ll never go back to commercial. Having my own jet saves me time, let’s me get to massive people faster, and I can be with my family more. I’d highly encourage you to get your own jet—but only after you are super wealthy.

On the top right corner of my desk sits a few planners. I always write in my 10X Planner to map out my day and write down my goals and dreams. This is a great tool for you to get in the habit of using each day. And here’s how to use it:


Write in the date and get rolling. Organize your day to set yourself up for success. Pack in every activity and challenge yourself to see how fast you can complete tasks!


Remind yourself what the bigger picture is. What are you shooting for? Writing down your goals keeps them in sight and at the top of your mind.


I always study those who are successful and use their words to inspire me. A daily quote can also be your own mantra that helps you push through to achieve your goals.


Aim high and raise the bar. You’re capable of much more than you think. Once you set your targets, commit to getting as close to them as possible without ever lowering your target.


As you complete tasks and solve problems take note. Writing down the positive “wins” of the day motivates you to do more.


End your daily hustle by revisiting your goals and adding new ones. Make them HUGE and then get obsessed with them. Let your big goals be what drives you to push yourself to greatness.

Near the planners, I have a few books I need to sign today. The Millionaire Booklet has been selling like crazy this year. Beneath it sits a couple of Sell or Be Sold copies translated into other languages. Sell or Be Sold is selling around the world because it’s the best sales book ever written, period.

The last thing on my desk today is a copy of my Playbook. This is a new product created this year that has so much information on how to get wealthy it comes in what feels like a 25-pound binder. Everyone who purchases lifetime access to Cardone University today gets this $4995 product FREE.

Be great,


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