What do Kevin Harrington, Eric Thomas and Frank Kern have in common?

I have a show on GrantCardoneTV where I interview CEOs, best-selling authors, motivators, entrepreneurs, marketers, real estate moguls, and others who are making the big moves and the big plays in their industries. Would you like a quick lesson of success from the successful? I try and make it feel as if you were let in on a private conversation between two business leaders—and I know you will come away with lessons you can immediately apply to your business and life. Here are a few of the Power Players who’ve appeared on the show and some wisdom you can take with you today:

Kevin Harrington, Inventor of the Infomercial and the Original Shark on Shark Tank

Being the “As Seen on TV” pioneer, how did Kevin always get the hottest products? He became the key person of interest in his industry. He had curiosity overload—always keeping his eyes open for opportunity. Despite being a college dropout, Kevin learned how to influence his future and be in control. The biggest mistake he sees people making are trying to do it all on their own. He recommends building a dream team around yourself. You need to look to partner with people. Look for ways to partner with people who have assets you need. To do that you need a pitch! Every pitch needs a hook just to get someone’s attention. The biggest mistake people made on Shark Tank with him was being only concerned about themselves, not with what Kevin could get.

Andy Frisella, Co-Founder of Supplement Superstore

While selling in excess of $100 million a year in fitness, nutrition, and weight loss products today, he got started with just $7 on the first day his store opened. Things didn’t get much better as within the first two weeks the store was broken into and vandalized, and even after 8 months they still struggled to just make $200 in a day. After grinding for 10 years he finally began to explode as he started mastering social media. Success in fitness has many parallels to succeeding in business, and 50% of stuff that happens in business isn’t going to be in your business plan. Get started on any plan rather than sit and analyze a good plan. You have to move because there is no perfect plan, but you have to adapt as you go. Creativity follows commitment. Master social media.

Eric Thomas, The Hip Hop Preacher

He had a difficult childhood and eventually ended up homeless eating out of trash cans. He had a victim mentality that so many struggle with in poverty and in fatherless homes, but now Eric produces massive success for himself and others speaking at churches and schools to motivate and inspire. American success is real but you have to go out and get it. Eric Thomas says you must have intrinsic motivation. Don’t grind for the wrong reason and don’t make excuses. Simply outwork and out-hustle people. Excuse are everywhere and people complain about not having enough support. Most people want the reward, but not grind. They want the lottery. You need to shoot for the Nobel Prize because it’s about changing people’s lives. Eric says the problem with education is that for many students there is no clear purpose, you go to school because you have to. Find your purpose!

Frank Kern, Legendary Internet Marketer

This guy knows how to automate internet marketing, sales funnels, and email campaigns to make the dough. There are two types of ads, the most common being “We exist” and the goal is just for general awareness. The second type is direct response which causes consumers to respond to an ad in a direct way. This second way is measurable and this is what Frank does. He builds systems that turn advertising into profit. Every ad dollar should measurably return profit. Most people’s advertising isn’t getting as much attention as they think it does. The biggest mistakes people make are not doing advertising, not doing direct response, and not following up.

Richard Lorenzen, Millennial CEO of fastest growing PR agency in US

He was making six-figures at 15 years-old. At 24 years old he got offices in Rockefeller center as CEO of 5th Avenue Brands with a payroll of 350K. If you don’t know PR, you don’t know business. Thanks to the internet the playing field has never been more level—if you can bring value. While advertising is limited to a certain reach, PR can be more upside because when you get on a CNN Insider or a Huffington Post, the potential return can be higher with a larger audience reach. Richard says PR should be before advertising on your budget because you need people to know who you are. Be warned though that PR can’t do everything for you, there needs to be content in order to get to the right people. Everyone must take the same initiative if they want to change their lot in life. Richard advises you to work hard to create a brand that really captures what you believe in.

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